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SimulatorWeb is a web based application developed by a community of engineers and managers responsible for the maintenance and upgrades of nuclear simulation facilities. The purpose of the program is to reduce the administrative burden of documenting and resolving simulator deficiencies, betterment requests, and differences by acting as a complete configuration management solution. It directly supports demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements and acts as a communication tool ensuring that the simulator engineering staff, training staff, management, and regulators understand the current state of the simulator.

SimulatorWeb is licensed for use as an open source software package under the Apache Software Foundation License Version 2.0 (License). It is a web application that can be hosted locally at a specific utility or within a corporate environment for multiple utilities. It was developed using PHP and MySQL Community Server (not distributed with SimulatorWeb) which are free open source software tools meaning that there is no cost for a corporation or utility to implement and use the program. The application source code is available to download for members of the community. See the membership page for more information.

SimulatorWeb is designed to help simulator and training management demonstrate compliance with the following regulations and standards:

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